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L A T E S T_____________________________________________

I've basically decided to make photography into a career now, even though I'll be majoring in Psychology. This summer school is killing me, but I only have 2 weeks left in the quarter. Hopefully I can pass my calc class.

Anyway, on a photographic note, I've been doing lots of shoots with friends and will be doing many shoots with various models around where I live. : ) Watch me for new photographs every week or two!

G O A L S_______________________________________________________

1. To develop the "eye" for capturing photos that are emotionally capable of telling stories just by the snap of a shutter

3. To continue to get better at interpreting models and to figure out better ways of editing without ruining the overall feel of the picture.

4. To keep it real.

P U R P O S E____________________________________________________

The reason I'm doing this is mostly just because I hate seeing all those not-as-muchly-faved photos in my regular gallery just floating around. I want to have everything in a certain category in a certain place. Sure, I could always do the little thing in the journal thing (doesn't know the name. o.o) but I just wanted a separate account for a separate talent. My main account (for the drawings) is :iconzylair:.

M O D E L S / C R E D I T S__________________________________________

Liz, Laura, Anna, and Anna- Models without accounts
:iconzylair: | :iconz-photography:
Wardrobe etc
Various second-hand stores, vintage boutiques, department stores....I do a lot of brand/handmade lolita shoots with my sister and most of the clothing is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright if it's not handmade.

F I N I S H______________________________________________________

Bye for now! ^^
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:woohoo: and good luck with school! :hug:
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